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David Ireland
  David Ireland is a world renowned wildlife film producers and is arguably one of the worlds most experienced wildlife presenters with 40 years experience in working with everything from lions and leopards to sharks and crocodiles. David Ireland is the "Original Crocodile Man" playing the lead roll in the wildlife documentary "Crocodile Man". This film was distributed worldwide on Discovery channel in 1990.

Picture of David Ireland holding a crocadile

Wildlife Man
David Ireland is currently producing 24 one hour TV specials titled "The Wildlife Man". David`s aim is to highlight the problems native animals face trying to survive in the modern world. In this new series David travels the world encountering a huge diversity of creatures. In the series he catches by hand deadly snakes, wrestles crocs and wild boars, swims with whales and gets extremely close to a huge raft of dangerous and exotic animals. The series is filmed in all manner of habitats, from tropical jungles to rugged mountains, to deep sea shipwrecks and harsh deserts.

The Wildlife Man featuring David Ireland is seen by hundrds of millions around the world, the series can be seen on Discovery HD Theater in the USA and Canada and numerous networks around the world including Channel Nine in Australia.


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The Wildlife Man TV series as shown on Discovery HD, Channel Nine and cable networks around the world.


Episode 1: Wild Boar Attack


David goes in search of a wild boar that attacked and nearly killed an aboriginal elder in outback Australia. He travels to northern NSW to a sheep station that is literally infested with feral pigs during one of the worst droughts ever recorded in the state. David encounters and culls many wild pigs by using tracker dogs and a knife. For the first time on TV, David also takes down wild boars with the use of a bow an arrow and eventually tracks down the wild boar responsible for the lethal attack on the old aboriginal man. This film is rated PG and not suitable for children. 44 minute duration. Rated (PG) 

Available on DVD

Episode 2: Ancient Predators


David's quest is to highlight the plight of  the Wobbegong Shark as its numbers continue to decline from over fishing. During the films production David travels the NSW coast in search of Wobbegong sharks. During weeks of diving he encounters an amazing diversity of creatures. Some of the animal encounters are dangerous, like when David hand feeds giant stingrays and stimulates a monster ray to attack! David hand feeds eels, giant cuttlefish and has an angry grey nurse try and bite his head. The climax of the film is when David hand feeds Wobbegong Sharks on deepwater reefs off the Solitary Islands. The footage achieved in the making of this film attracted a Sixty Minutes story on David's fight to save sharks from extinction. 44 minute duration. Rated (G)

Available on DVD

Episode 3: Swimming with Whales


David travels to Papua New Guinea in search of humpback whales. He manages to dive American B17 bomber wrecks, virgin coral reefs and even explores head hunter caves and volcanoes, but all his diving, fails to locate the whales. David then travels to the islands of Tonga and after weeks of trying, he eventually locates male humpbacks fighting for the rights to mate with a female. The underwater footage David and his crew gain during the males aggressive behaviour is both dangerous and spectacular. Eventually David manages to find a female humpback whale with a one day old baby at her side. The scenes of David swimming with the new born whale represent some of the finest underwater footage ever recorded. 50 minute duration. Rated (G)



Available on DVD

Episode 4: Ocean Giants


The ocean has many huge species of animals, creatures that literally dwarf a man in size. In this film, David goes in search of some of the giant fish that swim the Australian waters. His quest takes him from a Queensland shipwreck where he encounters numerous giant fish species, to a known shark gutter where David rescues a shark from certain death, to Ningaloo Reef in Western Australia. At Ningaloo David encounters a huge tiger shark, hand feeds reef sharks and swims with a giant groper. The film climaxes with David swimming with a 16 metre long whale shark, the largest species of fish to ever live!  44 minute duration. Rated (G)

Available on DVD

Episode 5: Surviving Africa


David's quest is to film one of the last of the big tuskers elephants of Southern Africa. His African expedition proves to be a bonanza of African animal encounters as David catches a giant striking rock python, gets extremely close to lions and leopards, walks onto 5 angry rhino and is even chased by an angry bull elephant. All the big five animals of Africa are filmed and all animal encounters are at extremely close range. The highlights are the leopard and hippo encounters and a very close encounter with an African warthog. The film climaxes with an encounter with a huge big tusker elephant. The film was shot at the Sabi Sabi Game Reserve and all footage was gained from a topless/doorless jeep and also on foot in the African wilderness. 44 minute duration. Rated (G)

Available on DVD

Episode 6: Outback Serpents

In this episode David takes his audience on a wonderful expedition from outback NSW into the extremely remote wilderness of far northern Australia. His mission is to encounter some of the strangest reptiles and deadly snakes in Australia, including the death adder. On the expedition he encounters wild horses, feral goat herds, scrub bulls and swims in crocodile infested rivers and springs as he catches jungle pythons and strange file snakes. David's encounter with the fastest land snake in Australia and his deadly death adder encounter will amaze viewers. The film Outback Serpents is more than animal encounters but also a chance for people to see outback Australia at its best. Magnificent mountain ranges, deep river gorges and crystal clear springs that are home to very strange reptiles. Filmed in widescreen digital format. 50 minute duration. Rated (G)

Available on DVD

Episode 7: Giant Moray Eel

One of the most powerful marine animals for its weight and size is the giant moray eel, however regardless of their reputation the species is in dire trouble surviving in the modern world. David's mission in this film is to track a giant moray down and attempt to hand feed the monster to learn more about the animal. David travels to a remote Indian Ocean island in search of his eel. While on location on Christmas Island, David encounters some of the rarest birds on earth that are strictly endemic to the island. He also finds huge giant crabs and explores shipwrecks and undersea caves. Eventually David finds his giant eel and the encounter makes documentary history with its action. Giant Moray Eel represents one of David Ireland's finest productions.  Filmed in widescreen digital.  50 min duration. Rated (G)

Available on DVD

Episode 8: Searching for Dragons

This film was shot on Kangaroo island in South Australia in full widescreen HD quality. The animal encounters will amaze nature lovers. They include echidna, meat ants, tiger snakes, possums, koala, goanna, penguin, kangaroo, wallaby, New Zealand fur seals, sea lions, huge groper and one of the rarest creatures in the world, the leafy sea dragon. The action, scenery and animal encounters keep viewers firmly in their seats, especially when David swims with the rare Australian sea lion and when David catches with his bare hands a tiger snake!  50 minute duration  Rated (G)

Available on DVD

Episode 9: Hand Feeding Sharks

David ventures into the rugged Blue Mountains in search of extremely rare native animals, he encounters giant insects, beautiful pythons and has an extremely dangerous encounter with a rare highly venomous snake on the edge of a sheer cliff! Then David ventures underwater to hand feed arguably the fastest snapping shark in the ocean!  A highly entertaining and action filled Wildlife Man adventure!

David Ireland

Available on DVD


Episode 10: Desert Ghosts
Available on DVD

Episode 11: Swimming with the Devil
David and his wife Susan travel to the head-hunter islands of the South Pacific in search of the giant " Devil Fish". The expedition takes them diving on sunken second world war shipwrecks where they encounter war relics and magnificent marine life. They explore a flooded jungle and encounter dangerous crocodiles that have never before been filmed and catch strange snakes on Skull Island, a place that will send shivers down your spine.

The film climaxes on the great barrier reef on lady Elliot Island where David arguably achieves some of the most spectacular marine animal footage ever achieved in his 40 years of diving the worlds oceans.
(50 minute, High Definition wide-screen format) .

N.B. This film has been submitted for film awards.

Available on DVD
David catching snakes 
                              on Skull Island

Episode 12: Wild Boars of the Australian Outback

In This episode of the Wildlife Man David travels to Cape York in far north Australia to explore the extremely remote billabong country, however once in this exotic part of outback Australia David encounters mobs of wild boars that have taken over the billabongs and are destroying the pristine country and waterways by wallowing, spreading disease and completly striping the vegetation from the billabongs. David manages to achieve documentary footage of these highly dangerous and destructive feral pigs. David culls on boar with his bow, so this film is not for children or the faint hearted. While in Norther Australia David works with local Aboriginals catching pigs with their hunting dogs and has snake encounters that have to be seen to be believed. 44 minute duration. Rated (G) 

Available on DVD

Episode 13: Treasure in Paradise

This episode was filmed in East Timor, David`s goal is to dive unexplored reefs that literally drop thousands of meters into the depths, David encounters some strange creatures that may have never been filmed before and also finds undersea treasure! While on location in this exotic island, David and his old friend Mark encounter a huge snake with a head the size of a small alligator, but their is a sobering part to David`s expedition to East Timor, the refugee children and especially what David attempts to achieve with them.

Available on DVD
Wildlife film 5
wildlife video 4

Episode 14: The Sea God

In this episode of the Wildlife Man, David Ireland goes in search of a Fijian Sea God, a huge bull shark. To attract the shark up from the depths of an ocean trench, David and his Fijian shark men bait the water with hundreds of pounds of Tuna, without the protection of cages, David and his crew achieve unbelievable shark action footage.Over 30 bull sharks come in for the feed, until eventually the " Shark God " a huge territorial female shark is attracted by the smell of the tuna blood. The dominant shark is not happy to find David so close to the baits and challenges the Wildlife Man again and again. "Sea God" is arguably the most extreme shark film ever produced and one of the " Wildlife Man`s" greatest achievements.

Available on DVD
Shark film
Shark video


Episode 15: Wildlife Boy

In this episode of the Wildlife Man, David takes his 10 year old son Jason and his dog " Misty" a white golden retriever into the wilderness of Australia, here, they experiences the magic of the " Outback" from rugged rivers and canyons to old gold mining ghost towns. Jason encounters exotic dragon lizards and aggressive snakes and learns survival skills from his father the " Wildlife Man" Then Jason learns to SCUBA dive and in the safe hands of his father he encounters stingrays and sharks and explores a magnificent coral garden. Jason's then meets a huge creature that is a cousin to the giant squid, the climax of the film is simply unbelievable !!

Available on DVD
Australian Outback Wildlife
Downunder Wildlife

Episode 16: Creatures of the Deep

In this episode David explores two amazing marine habitats, an underwater volcano off the coast of New Zealsnd and the coral reefs of Lady Elliot Island of the Great Barrier Reef. David`s mission to work with huge stingrays, deadly sea snakes, giant groper and numerous species of sea turtles. Some of the action scenes are highly dangerous for David to achieve, but as with all his Wildlife Man episodes, highly educational and entertaining.

Available on DVD

Episode 17: Land of the Dreaming

David travels across the outback and encounters some of Australia`s rarest native animals, from strange lizards to deadly snakes and extremely rare marsupials. He also manages to film aboriginal engravings never before shown on television, the engravings raise many questions about how ancient aboriginals lived in Australia. In one scene David explores inside a dangerous old gold mine and finds strange mummified marsupials and creatures that were on earth back in the age of dinosaurs. Land of The Dreaming is an outback experience, a wonderful journey into remote regions seldom seen or filmed.

Available on DVD

Episode 18: Convict Island

David`s goal is to encounter a huge diversity of marine animals on the Great Barrier Reef and to find an extremely rare creature that lives on the offshore reefs that surround the old penal colony at Norfolk Island. David encounters giant groper , huge manta rays, dangerous sea snakes and magnificent loggerhead turtles on the Great Barrier Reef and exotic creatures in the cold dark waters of Norfolk Island. Using specially built underwater housings and lights has allowed David and his crew to achieve breathtaking action in the undersea world, a wonderful episode of the wildlife man for all to see!

Available on DVD

Episode 19: Cold Blooded Australians

David takes his audience on a fascinating journey into the Australian outback, he encounters exotic reptiles, some highly dangerous, explores old mines and finds mummified marsupials. The outback scenery shots in this Wildlife Man adventure are amazing!  This is one of David`s classic productions.

Available on DVD

Episode 20: Shark Rider

This is one of David`s most daring films, he travels to the remote islands of French Polynesia to prove it is possible to ride on the back of large oceanic sharks. Without the protection of a shark cage, David survives two actual shark attacks, swims into a shark frenzy and achieves wildlife documentary history with amazing shark riding scenes. Because the volcanic reefs drop thousands of meters into the abyss, David has to breathe a special gas mixture, but, comes close to loosing his life as he rides a shark down a vertical wall where the gas mixture he breathes becomes toxic. David`s vast experience and knowledge of sharks allows him to record shark behavior never before filmed, a must see shark film for the whole family.

Available on DVD

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